GeoBerlin 2015 – Abstracts

GeoBerlin 2015  4–7 October 2015 | Annual Meeting of DGGV DMG

DYNAMIC EARTH from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond

DYNAMISCHE ERDE von Alfred Wegener bis heute und in die Zukunft

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The abstract submission is closed now. Please contact our conference secretary

geoberlin2015(at)fu-confirm(dot)de if there are any questions.

For final acceptance of your contribution, you or the presenter have to be registered and the registration fee has to be paid by September 7th!


  • You are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for presenting your paper; each presentation 12 min. followed by 3 minutes for questions from the audience.
  • Please bring your presentation best on a USB stick (please do not use your own notebook!).
  • We expect PDF or PPT(X) files.
  • In case that you need special software (audio/video/internet, etc.) please let us know asap!
  • In a Thematic Session will be normally 5 or 6 oral presentations.
  • Please note that the working language of the conference is English.
  • The Book of Abstracts will be available online.


  • poster unit format: A0 upright size (= portrait format, 84.1 wide x 118.9 cm high)
  • There are two poster sessions i.e. all posters will not be there all the time but are changed during the conference according to their theme on Tuesday at lunch time!

Posters will be on display during our two poster socials as it follows:

Poster Social Monday for the following Sessions:

-          A1-01: Monitoring Plate Boundary Systems and Observing Megathrust Earthquakes

-          A1-02: Fluids in subduction zones – from a deformation to geochemistry persp.

-          A1-05: Motion and time in orogenesis

-          A2-02: Continental breakup and passive margin evolution

-          A2-01/05: Plate tectonics, plate boundary deformation and intraplate…

-          A3-01: Meeorites and Early Planetary Evolution

-          A3-02: Impact Cratering in the Planetary System

-          A5-01: Palaeoenvironmental, sedimentological and biogeographic consequences...

-          A5-02: Major environmental changes in Earth history: short- and long-term trends

-          A6-01: Tectonic and climatic imprints on the evolution of landscapes

-          A6-02: The Sediment Factory: Tectonic and Climatic Forcing of Erosional …

-          A6-05: Quaternary Environmental Changes and Sediment Dynamics

-          A7-01: Geomaterials as indicators for Earth's light element cycles

-          A7-02: Structure, dynamics and properties of silicate melts and magma

-          B2-01: Marine ore deposits

-          B2-02: Terrestrial ore deposits

-          B2-03: Scenarios for the Raw Material Supply of the Far Future

-          B4-01: Topography, Climate and Human Habitat

-          B4-03: Transforming the Geo-Biosphere by Humanity: Agriculture…

-          B5-01: Numerical Simulation for geological underground utilization…

-          B6-01: Cements, Ceramics and glasses

-          C5: Probing and Monitoring the Earth by Scientific Drilling

-          C6: 3D Geology and Geoinformation – Modelling, Data Storage and Distribution


Poster Social Tuesday for the following Sessions:

-          A1-06: Subduction systems – missing link between…

-          A1-03: From oceanic subduction to continental…

-          A1-04: Mountain building on the scale of grains and atoms

-          A2-01: Plate tectonics…

-          A2-04: Magmatism in oceanic and cont.…

-          A3-03: Earthlike Planets: Plate tecto…

-          A4-01: Large-scale geodynamic modelling of mantle flow

-          A4-03: Properties of Earth Materials

-          A4-05: Archean environments and ecosystems

-          A6-03: Ocean Gateways – Arteries of Tectonic-Climate

-          A6-07: Glacial tectonics: from push moraines…

-          B1-01: Multi-scale evolution of…

-          B1-02: Rock and Fluids Properties and Interactions …

-          B1-03: Shales and Coals: Source and reservoir for oil and gas…

-          B1-04: Exploration and development…

-          B3-03: Geological signatures of…

-          B5-02/-03/-04: Subsurface storage…

-          B6-02: Archaeometry, monument conservation

-          B6-03/04/05: Energy, materials, and minerals for technical

-          C1/C2: Advances in material characterization

-          C4: Young Sedimentologists

-          C3: Earth Science Informatics for a Dynamic