GeoBerlin 2015 – General Information

GeoBerlin 2015  4–7 October 2015 | Annual Meeting of DGGV DMG

DYNAMIC EARTH from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond

DYNAMISCHE ERDE von Alfred Wegener bis heute und in die Zukunft

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For final acceptance of your contribution, you or the presenter have to be registered and the registration fee has to be paid by September 7th!


Conference languages

Conference language is English except of some public and special events.


Public transport in Berlin (BVG)

Here please find a link to the Berlin public transport (BVG) website:

BVG in English

BVG auf Deutsch

Day tickets


Conference Office | Registration

Phone ++ 49 (0)30-838 – 51704

Sunday:  17:00 - 21:00 h   |  Tuesday:  08:00 - 19:00 h

Monday: 08:00 - 19:00 h  | Wednesday:  08:00 - 16:00 h


Coffee breaks

The catering is served in the foyers at the posters and exhibitors. The coffee breaks are included in the conference fee.

Lunch breaks

Lunch is not included in the conference fee but you will have the opportunity to buy soups, snacks, etc. at the conference venue in the foyers.

Examples from the price list: Soup € 3.00, Vegetarian soup € 2.50, Fruit € 1.00, Chocolate bars € 1.00, Wraps € 2.00, Rolls  € 1.50


Information for oral presentations

You are allowed a maximum of 15 minutes for presenting your paper; each presentation shall not exceed 12 min and is followed by 3 minutes for questions from the audience.

Please bring your presentations latest in the coffee break before your session starts to your lecture hall.

Please give your file preferably on a memory stick to the technical assistant who is waiting in the breaks in your lecture hall for you in order to save your file to the presentation notebook and to check it together with you.


Information for poster presenters

The poster unit size is A0 portrait. Materials for mounting your posters will be available in the poster hall and at the registration desk. Please do not use any other tapes or needles.

There will be two poster sessions. Please check the program to identify the time slot for your poster presentation. Posters shall be changed on Tuesday during lunch time, i.e. 11:00-13:30 h.

We kindly ask all Monday poster presenters to remove their posters before  the beginning ofTuesday’s lunch break, so that the Tuesday poster presenters can mount their posters during the Lunch break. Helpers will be around to assist you.


In order to foster vivid discussions in front of the posters, the poster social will be held without any other parallel events and will be featured with drinks and snacks.


Posters will be on display during our two poster socials as it follows:

Poster Social Monday for Sessions:

- A1-01: Monitoring plate boundary systems…

- A1-02: Fluids in subduction zones….

- A1-05: Motion and time in orogenesis

- A2-02: Continental breakup…

- A2-01/05: Plate tectonics…

- A3-01: Meteorites…

- A3-02: Impact Cratering …

- A5-01: Supercontinents…

- A5-02: Major environmental changes…

- A6-01: Tectonic and climatic imprints…

- A6-02: The Sediment Factory…

- A6-05: Quaternary Environmental Changes…

- A7-01: Earth's light element cycles

- A7-02: Silicate melts and magma

- B2-01: Marine ore deposits

- B2-02: Terrestrial ore deposits

- B2-03: Material Supply

- B4-01/02 Human habitat

- B4-03: Agriculture…

- B5-01: Numerical Simulation

- B6-01: Cements, Ceramics

- C5: Scientific Drilling

- C6: 3D Geology and Geoinformation


For final acceptance of your contribution, you or the presenter had to be registered and the registration fee has to be paid by September 7th!

Poster Social Tuesday for Sessions:

- A1-06: Subduction systems

- A1-03: Geochemistry

- A1-04: Mountain building on atomic scale

- A2-01: Plate tectonics…

- A2-04: Magmatism

- A3-03: Earthlike planets

- A4-01: Mantle flow

- A4-03: Earth materials

- A4-05 Archean environments

- A6-03: Tectonic-climate

- A6-07: Glacial tectonics…

- B1-01: Sedimentary basins

- B1-02: Rocks and fluid

- B1-03: Shales and coals

- B1-04: Natural resource projects

- B3-03: Extreme events

- B5-02: Subsurface storage…

- B6-02: Archaeometry…

- B6-03: Energy and materials…

- C1/C2: Material characterization…

- C4: Young Sedimentologists

- C3: Earth Science Informatics