GeoBerlin 2015  4–7 October 2015 | Annual Meeting of DGGV DMG

DYNAMIC EARTH from Alfred Wegener to today and beyond

DYNAMISCHE ERDE von Alfred Wegener bis heute und in die Zukunft

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Geo.X School 2015 – Methods in Geosciences – Registration now open!


  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Top-End Analytical Tool for the Geosciences > Michael Wiedenbeck, GFZ Potsdam
  • Applications of High-Resolution Microanalysis > Lutz Hecht, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin
  • Time Series Analysis > Frank Neitzel, Technical University Berlin
  • Process Modelling of Hydrothermal Systems > Michael Kühn, GFZ Potsdam
  • Climate Modeling > Tim Butler, Ingo Kirchner, FU Berlin
  • Cosmogenic Nuclides in Earth Surface Processes – Rates and Dates > Hella Wittmann, GFZ Potsdam
  • Training course on Deep Scientific Drilling > Ulrich Harms, Thomas Wiersberg, GFZ Potsdam
  • Rock Deformation – Integration of Field Observations, Experiments and Numerical Modelling > Georg Dresen, Onno Oncken, Stephan Sobolev, GFZ Potsdam
  • Astrobiological Research Methods > Alessandro Airo, FU Berlin
  • Data 101 > Roland Bertelmann, Kirsten Elger, GFZ Potsdam
  • Change in the terrestrial Arctic: Remote Sensing and Geodata applications >

Birgit Heim, Guido Grosse, Alfred Wegener Institute, Potsdam

  • Lost in data space? Computational tools for exploratory data analysis >

Doris Dransch, Mike Sips, Andrea Unger, GFZ Potsdam

Geo.X is the geoscientific skills network in the Berlin-Potsdam area. Via this platform, the partners coordinate their joint research and education in order to make relevant contributions to future issues in the Earth-Human system. Boundaries between departments are overcome and a new quality in the cooperation of engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, economic sciences and the humanities is aspired. The cornerstones of this multi-disciplinary collaboration are joint research projects, coordinated teaching, effective use of scientific infrastructure and the transfer of scientific results to the public.

Since 2012, Geo.X organizes its annual Geo.X School which focuses on teaching state-of-the-art geoscientific methods in compact courses.

The Geo.X School 2015 “Methods in Geosciences” is open to all young scientists who are looking for new methodological knowledge and skills. Participants from the Earth Sciences are invited to attend courses from a broad range of geoscientific research  methods. Each course will be oriented towards integrating theory and practical applications. The language of instruction is English.

The Geo.X School will run in the week before the GeoBerlin 2015 in Berlin and Potsdam from Monday, September 28, to Friday, October 2, 2015. Its program is organized modularly with parallel and consecutive courses.

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Britta Bookhagen

IASS Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V.

Berliner Str. 130

14467 Potsdam

Email: britta.bookhagen (at)

Dr. Hildegard Goedde

c/o Helmholtz Centre Potsdam GFZ

German Research Centre for Geosciences

Telegrafenberg, 14473 Potsdam

Email: hildegard.goedde (at)