Tokenaut Launches AI-Powered Platform: Get $TNT Airdrop Now!

• Tokenaut is a platform that specializes in helping people identify promising memecoins and NFTs.
• The platform uses AI algorithms to evaluate projects by crawling Twitter, Google, and other online platforms.
• To celebrate the launch, Tokenaut is rewarding its first 500 active supporters with an airdrop.

Tokenaut Launches AI-Powered Project Analysis Platform

Tokenaut is a new platform that helps crypto investors make informed decisions by providing insights into emerging memecoins and NFTs throughout the crypto market. It utilizes predictive algorithms to analyze whether projects are likely to succeed or fail. To reward its first 500 active supporters, Tokenaut is offering an airdrop of $TNT tokens.

AI Algorithm

The platform’s AI algorithm crawls Twitter, Google, and other online platforms to assess whether a prospective project has potential or not. This vetting process ensures users are provided with only reliable sources of alpha on meritorious projects.

Airdrop Reward

To celebrate its official launch, Tokenaut is giving away an airdrop to jumpstart their journey as well as reward their first 500 active supporters with substantial amounts of $TNT tokens based on their cumulative referral amount.

Revolutionizing How People Invest in Crypto Projects

The team behind Tokenaut believes that their platform will revolutionize how people discover and invest in new crypto projects and they are excited for the growth of their community. Crypto enthusiasts can join the Tokenaut community and take part in shaping the future of crypto project discovery by joining them today!


With its AI algorithm being able to determine which projects have potential for success or failure, combined with an exciting airdrop giveaway for those who join now, it looks like Tokenaut could be setting itself up as one of the go-to places for discovering profitable new crypto investments!